Røst artist in residence – part 1

Almost 3 weeks now since I arrived on the island of Skomvaer in the Lofoten. What an adventure and pleasure to be here. Especially the stones and rocks, the ocean and the many islands that rise up from it like steep mountains in all shapes and forms, make a deep impression on me. It is very pristine, rough, vulnerable and real. The rocks on Skomvaer are bursting with silica and quartz. Every corner of the island has its own character, shapes, forms and colors. And I am all over the place, jumping, hopping from rock to rock, crawling in, under and over. Sometimes sitting in one place for hours.


I keep feeling this potent, dormant energy. It feels like that we, the people present on this island, are here to anchor energy, the new energies that are coming in, onto this place and the earth.
Maja, a Norwegian artist, shows me this rock she has found. I tune into it, and the word ‘new’ is omnipresent. It activates your whole body, from top to bottom, and bottom to top. This is not about grounding anymore. This is about transparancy, and moving into a new dimension. Beyond time and space, beyond fear.

There are all kinds of ponds in all sizes and shapes, which are a mikrokosmos in itself. The colors are vibrant. There are cracks in the rocks with enormeous crystals sticking out. And caves with perfectly shaped little pools, sometimes with stones in it. I’ve added one picture of the ‘dragon egg’, incredible rocks, shapes and colors.

Then there is the lighthouse with huge clear Birmese crystals in the top. Like a pineal gland receiving and shining its light miles and miles around. There is an abundance of seaweed and herbs and flowers which we creatively transform into delicious dishes. The midnight sun makes you sometimes forget you do need to rest sometimes.




Photo above: Midnight view from the lighthouse

Yesterday we went to ‘Hell’, that is what they call it here. A cave in a mountain on an island nearby, it has been intriguing me since my arrival. It was rough and tough and magnificent. Apparently people have been using this cave for offerings and rituals for thousands of years.
The longer I’m here, the more I become aware of what an impact we people have on our pristine earth.
Next time about people and projects, to be continued…


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