Røst artist in residence – part 2

It has been one week since I am back from my residency on the island Skomvaer in the Lofoten, Norway. People came and people left, with an average of 6 to 8 people present. There were activations and transformations happening on different levels, all at once, on a personal and a collective level. One month felt too short.
I love to be on an island, things are more apparent and simple. It makes it much easier to be in your own world and focus on the present moment. I decided to come here without my double bass, because of the difficulties, costs, and dangers to travel by planes and boats of different sizes through rough sea waters. My bass has been, and still is, my companion for over 30 years. Through her I can express my Self, and communicate with people, nature, Mother Earth, and all sentient beings. Without her I felt naked and a bit insecure about my contribution as an artist and healer. Whilst at the same time, I felt this huge openness, freedom, and excitement to be here and move away from my ‘normal’ focus and way to experience things and express myself. Great, I like challenges!

Immediately upon arrival I start to explore the island. This goes on until the very end of my stay, because every day there are new rocks waiting for me to be found and to connect with. The rocks are incredible, their shapes, colors, crystals, the fungusses on their surface, their placement, sizes, their power. Then there is the ocean, this mysterious realm inhabited by cold water reefs full of wonders and fabulous creatures. I’ld love to understand it more and be part of it. Often in the morning I would sit close to it and meditate. Making contact while the puffins are fluttering over. Mother Earth is part of me, the ocean is part of me. When I open my eyes I see 3 pairs of curious eyes from the seals that sometimes rest on a rock a mile away, checking me out. How wonderful to connect with other beings out of curiosity, playfulness and joy.

The people on the island are all here with their own purpose, and a common one. There are several artists finding huge inspiration in the natural surroundings. Making video’s and beautiful artwork, extracting natural paint colors from plants and fungusses. Another artist shows us how her normal daily life and her artwork are completely interwoven. Her life is her art, her art is her life. I give a presentation about my passions in life; sound, multi-dimensionality, and the inner child. Ok, there is also ice cream and camping ; ), but for now I talk about the power of sound, and how it is connected to our blueprint and DNA. About the changing frequencies of the Earth and the effect on the consciousness of us humans. About how we can anchor the new energies that are coming in right now. To lift our, and the Earth’s, frequency. To be able to shift in another dimension, thus making it possible for new generations to come in. I play a few samples of my sound healings for people to be able to experience directly the effect on their bodies, aura’s and consciousness. Extra terrestial energies are coming in. My inner child is delighted because of how magical and easy it is to take people along and connect with other worlds, both within and outside of themselves, through sound.

Some mornings I wake up feeling a very deep relaxation in my back, shoulders and neck. It feels as if this is a release of tension held for ages, and now being released through my inner child.
Having no bass made me work more with my voice. The most powerful and natural tool we have as human beings. I’ve worked a lot with Marie, a Norwegian singer, dancer and theatre maker. Initially we recorded in the lighthouse, later on we moved outdoors. It feels very special to stand barefoot on the rocks, amidst the sounds of the birds and the waves, and connect and improvise with nature.

3 Questions keep popping up inside of me, which I present to everyone, including myself:
– How do you live your life outside of Skomvaer?
– Does your stay here on Skomvaer have a lasting effect in your life? And if so, how?
– How do you think society can be transformed in such a way that people are empowered and grow and blossom, instead of being disempowered and out of balance?
These are no easy questions, they need time to be answered. As for the 2nd question I can answer that for me to be in an environment like this makes it easier to let go of thoughts, beliefs and ideas about yourself. To let go of ‘your story’, and your image of self. Everything can be revalued, from the starting point and focus that you are light, or consciousness, in an infinite field of possibilities. The 3rd question made us read, study, and discuss e.g. Krapotkin and his idea of mutual aid. He has been observing in nature that when different species compete, both sides come out of it impoverished. Competition is not natural. And the book ‘Ubuntu’ by Michael Tellinger, explaining contributionism as a blueprint for human prosperity. He is setting up local communities in which people’s qualities are equally valued, and everyone contributes their labour of love. The effect is a society with abundance for all, and as a side effect the need for money slowly fades away.

I feel blessed to wander around, watch, feel, taste, hear, smell, explore, connect, and enjoy. The mighty elements, especially the light, provide an inner opening up. Each moment the light and the colors are different. There is no pressure, I am present, I feel the life force, follow my impulses, there is space, also for watching silly video’s, dancing, diving into the ice cold but fantastic clear sea water, for bathing the sick chicken, there is room for stillness, and little distraction. All very healthy for a human being to experience.

Rainbows seem to be a theme on Skomvaer. When I arrive I count 3 rainbows and a double one within an hour. It feels like we have entered a new era. An era of dissolving and transparancy, of balancing our cerebral hemispheres, north and south, inside and outside, male and female. The Earth, she is already there. She is waiting for us to clear our thoughts and emotions, and to become transparant, so she can bring us into the New Earth dimension. Like I said, a month is too short, but the spirits of the island, the waters, and the people, will be for ever with me.


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